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Yiorgos Mavropoulos

Five O One Point Four

In Athena’s embrace, a girl did stay,
In a hotel room, on a spring weekend’s sway.
Through curtains drawn, she danced and played,
To a silent audience, and a lens hid away.
With each pose she struck, a story spun,
In the silent click of the voyeur’s fun.
Her curves and angles, exposed to silver halide,
Captured in shadows, in the dim light of night.
She knew his gaze, his lens, his eye,
Yet played along, to this white lie.
In whispered secrets, the walls did hear,
A dance of intimacy, void of fear.
Through veils of lace and whispered lust,
She danced for him,
to Let’s Get Lost.
In the quiet of the room, their secret shared,
A fleeting moment, tender and bared,
And then,
She turned to the lens and said,
I knew you were there,
All along. 

Freddie F.


Athens-based photographer Yiorgos Mavropoulos invited friends, collaborators and new acquaintances for intimate portrait sessions during his residency at Shila.

Inside the chambers of the 1920s neoclassical townhouse, TABLEAUX VIVANTS explores the relationships between photographer, voyeur and muse, where fantasy and reality intrinsically blur.