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A Love Letter to Greece.

Greece is a good place to look at the moon, isn’t it?  
You can read by moonlight.  
You can read on the terrace.  
You can see a face as you saw it when you were young.  
There was good light, then oil lamps and candles.  
And those little flames that floated on a cork in olive oil.  
What I loved in my old life I haven’t forgotten. 
It lives in my spine. 

Hydra by Leonard Cohen, 1985

For the inaugural issue of our newspaper HOUSE OF SHILA, we sought to create a photographic time capsule of moments and memories of Greece by photographers and artists who originate from around the world.  

Through visual evocations of friends, family, strangers, lovers, the mythological and the mundane, a collective patchwork of the past is formed – one that anybody who has lived in or passed through this country might feel a resonance to.   

While curating this spring edition, we let the work guide a more intimate approach where whenever there was the sense that the artist was revealing something personal, familiar, and expressive, we followed. 

It is here in these printed pages that we pay homage to the country we love. It birthed and continues to inspire House of Shila (HOS) projects, our vessels for realising dreams, creativity, and meaningful collaborations.