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Angeliki Stamatakou

"My creative process is fuelled by passion and affection for what I create".

Angeliki Stamatakou is a self-taught ceramics artist based in Athens. Often inspired by the natural beauty of her home country and her experiences both as a woman and artist, her clay work involves the melding of traditional techniques with unusual, innovative approaches.


HOS: You’ve only been making ceramics for three years. What got you started?

AS: I always had the need to express my ideas and emotions through various art forms. In 2020 a friend suggested we try something fun together. We decided to take pottery classes as a way to spend quality time. And that’s how I fell in love with clay and all its great possibilities.

HOS: What is it about Greece’s natural landscape that inspires your work?

AS: Living in Greece I often find myself immersed in the details of my surroundings, like the rock cliffs, the cracks on the soil, the natural patterns on pebbles. The beauty of Greece’s natural landscape always inspires my art. It is evident in the colour palettes I tend to choose, the forms I create and the textures I incorporate.

HOS: Can you tell us about your creative process?

AS: It is essential for me that my creative process is fuelled by passion and affection for what I create. So I let go and I start by building forms by gradually adding coils of clay. The process feels natural to me, I can achieve any form I feel like easily. Next I add the glazes which I create myself by mixing chemical substances. Sometimes I add metals too.

HOS: Your work ‘Elevation’ seeks to ask about elevating the human spirit. Is there an inherent optimism to your work?

AS: Through my creations, I aim to inspire a positive outlook on life and human nature. While I recognise that challenges are inevitable, I will always believe in a better world. As long as people continue striving for self-improvement, positive changes are achievable over time.

HOS: What did it mean to you to win an award at the Florence Biennale?

AS: Winning an award at the Florence Biennale holds immense significance for me. It is a genuine recognition of my art by esteemed experts in the field. I am honoured and happy as it continues to attract recognition and attention to my work.

“While I recognise that challenges are inevitable, I will always believe in a better world.”.

HOS: Who are your mentors? Can you mention some artists you admire and why?

AS: At this moment, I prefer not to disclose specific names, because the names can always change. I can share that I consider my mentors, visionary individuals whom I deeply admire. What draws me to them extends beyond their work. it’s their values, work ethic, and the invaluable wisdom they share. The artists I surround myself with are my favourite artists and we share mutual support. You’ll often see them on my social media.

HOS: How has motherhood shaped your work?

AS: Motherhood continuously shapes me, and I acknowledge its impact on my work, especially since what I do is very much guided by emotions. At the same time the role of artist has significantly influenced how I approach and experience motherhood.

HOS: Tell us about your trip to South Africa.

AS: I am so grateful for my trip to South Africa, it was a fantastic experience. I had the privilege to collaborate with the famous sculptor Marco Olivier on a mirrors project for which I designed four large mirrors. I had the opportunity to work with fibre glass, resin and aluminium and gained valuable insights about the materials, the manufacturing process and the foundry operations from the best in the field.

HOS: You’re cast away on a desert island. You can have three items of any kind with you…

AS: I’d choose a water filter, a knife and a fire starting tool. Common sense things!

“As a child I wouldn’t speak my mind. I’ve consistently found satisfaction in activities that serve as outlets for self-expression”.

HOS: Do you have a specific memory of something that set you on the path to becoming an artist?

AS: Perhaps what set me on the path to becoming an artist is rooted in the fact that I have always been an introvert. As a child I wouldn’t speak my mind. I’ve consistently found satisfaction in activities that serve as outlets for self-expression. The journey to becoming a sculptress, I believe, is not attributed to a single event but rather a combination of numerous factors and life situations.

HOS: If you could be a character in any film or book, who would it be? 

AS: If I could be a character in any film or book, I would still choose to be the protagonist in my own story. Life has intriguing plot twists and character development, and I find it very interesting that I can actively direct the story through the choices I make and the actions I take.

HOS: What advice would you give to the younger you?

AS: I would encourage her to stand up for herself and set clear, healthy boundaries from a young age.

HOS: If you could teleport anywhere at this moment, where would it be?

AS: Here and now.

HOS: What has been your most significant travelling experience and why?

AS: I find the most significant to be my art-related travel experiences, particularly international art fairs. I consider all of them to be equally valuable as the knowledge gained during and after each trip contributes significantly to my artistic evolution. So, so far, my most significant travels were Venice, Milan, Florence, Cape Town and Dubai.

HOS: If you could save only one of your works of art, which would it be?

AS: I don’t have a favourite piece among my existing creations, each is significant in its own way. I had the privilege to create them and I can always create new ones. So I don’t have to save any or keep any. I just want to have the opportunity to keep creating.

HOS: What are your upcoming projects?

AS: I have numerous projects in development, along with art fairs and collaborations with other artists. I will announce them when the time is right. But I would like to say instead that I’m grateful to everyone walking this journey with me and that I am very excited for what’s to come.

HOS: Tell us a secret.

AS: I deliberately choose complete silence to shape the early forms of my artworks .